Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When in Doubt, Get the Steak

Neither Argentina nor Uruguay is a place for a vegetarian.  Chile is a little different, but not much.  Steak and fries is what they do best.  Things are much better in Peru.

Yesterday, we went to Colonia for an afternoon visit.  We tried a place that was not right on the main tourist square.  It had customers in it, which is always a good test when you are out searching for a restaurant.  This parilla (grill) place had a chicken for two option.  We took that one, as even I was beginning to tire of beef, beef, and more beef interspersed with the odd bit of lamb.  Major mistake!  Major mistake!  That chicken had been roasting for who knows how long.  The driest I have ever seen, and I have ruined chicken myself on rare occasion.

This was decidedly worse than that just-below-mediocre meal we had at a place back in Cape Cod.  The people at the table next to us ordered bife de chorizo, which is a very nice steak.  Theirs looked good.  We should have got the steak.  Did I mention that we made a major mistake?

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