Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Edinburgh, June 17-23, 2011

We arrived safely through the rain at Number 27 Morningside, Ron and Julie Uttridge's very comfortable bed and breakfast.  We had a bit of luck and found a parking space very quickly.  These small joys in life are quite important, are they not?  There the car stayed until we left for England.  Edinburgh has a very good public transit system and so we had no need to drive.

It rained almost the whole time we were in Edinburgh.  Nevertheless, we were able to enjoy a good bit of this very handsome city.  It is quite different from Glasgow.  Edinburgh is a government center and university town.  And there is the famous castle which towers over the city and provides phenomenal panoramas.  The castle is a huge complex on a high, rocky hill, and the photo above shows one small part of it.

Views of Edinburgh Castle and the city.

Edinburgh street scene.  The city has many nice stone buildings.

Adam Smith, the author of The Wealth of Nations, is commemorated here.

Scenes of St. Giles Cathedral.  It belongs to the presbyterian Church of Scotland, so there is no cathedra at all.  Wthout bishops, there is no need for one.  Also note the simplicity of the altar.

The above building houses the Writers Museum.  The principal figures are Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott.  One of the docents belonged to a RLS club and had made a sort of pilgrimage to Monterey.  She said they had a wonderful time in California.

Despite the bad weather that we have had for most of our three weeks in Scotland, we have enjoyed our stay.  I do admit that between the weather in Ireland and here, I am looking forward to getting to that beastly summer heat in Paris.

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