Monday, October 17, 2011

Visiting friends in Switzerland

Susan, Michael, and Anina are dear friends who live in Switzerland.  Penny has known Susan since they lived in Bangkok in the 1950s.  Susan's father was English and her mother Estonian.  She and her family now live in Steinhausen, a village in the canton of Zug.  They are wonderfully hospitable people and it is always a joy to visit them.  We just relaxed together, ate raclette, and went for a drive in the countryside.

We did have a bit of trouble getting to their house this time.  We drove from Strasbourg, and since we had a great deal of time, we took a scenic detour through Germany's Black Forest.   The road signs in Switzerland are not as easy to use as are the French ones.  Our Swiss friends were not overly thrilled to learn of our opinion in this matter, but they got over it!  ;-)

Fancy car, huh?

We sadly took our leave and drove to Melun, outside Paris.  There, we had reserved a hotel room by the A5 autoroute to enable us to get to Charles de Gaulle Airport tomorrow for our flight to New York.

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