Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cape Cod

We spent our first week in a fantastic Bed and Breakfast--the English Garden in Dennis Port (not to be confused with Dennis, East Dennis, West Dennis or South Dennis).  Cape Codders are true to their English roots--almost every village has one or more counterparts (i.e. the above, as well as East Sandwich and West Sandwich; Falmouth, North Falmouth, West Falmouth and East Falmouth; Harwich, East Harwich and Harwich Port; Yarmouth, West Yarmouth, South Yarmouth and Yarmouth Port; etc.)  Trust me, there are lots more examples.  Just look at Cape Cod on google maps.  So-o-o-o-o, when you say where you live, you must be very specific!

Names aside, we have absolutely fallen in love with Cape Cod.  It is everything we had always thought it would be:  wonderful people, lovely houses and cottages, endless beaches and great sea food.  We have already consulted a rental agency about renting here every year--for at least a couple of months.  From everyone we have talked to, the best time would be mid-August to mid-October. 

After a week at the B&B, we moved into a two bedroom cottage--a short distance from the B&B and also right by the beach.  When we walked in, we did a double-take--it is so much like our place in Big Bear.  It even has the same paneling.  It has everything, including wifi, cable, a DVD player with lots of good movies and a washer/dryer.  Upon arrival, we put away our stuff and drove to the Trader Joe's to buy our week's worth of groceries.  There is also a nice deck and gas barbeque--so we could grill.  It has been so nice having home cooked meals.  We will be here until Friday--when we go to Cooperstown.  Above are some pictures taken around Cape Cod.

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  1. Good job setting this up. I look forward to following along with your adventure. I know is says Jon but it's really Priscilla