Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Have Started Our Walkabout

On September 2 (just hours before Penny and her Mom took off for Ireland) we finally got the last of our stuff into the two storage units.  We spent most of the summer culling through everything and then packing the remainder.  We had a new "rule of thumb" for retaining items.  Years from now, when David and Charlie were going through everything, would they look at said item and say:  "Oh, I am so glad they saved this," or "What the hell could they have been thinking saving this!!"  If it was the former, it went into storage.  If it was the latter, it went to the Salvation Army.  Let's just say that we will have a HUGE tax write-off this year.

The Walkabout actually started with Penny and Bruce going their separate ways.  Penny took her Mom on a trip to Ireland and Switzerland and Bruce spent the time with Debbie and Gary Gravier (cousins) in Sacramento and with Priscilla and Jon Schmidt (Penny's sister and husband) in Medford.  Bruce picked up Penny and Mom on their return on September 19.  We drove Mom back to Oregon and then came back to San Francisco to take the redeye to Boston on September 22.  Upon arrival in Boston, we took a cab to "our fair city" (for all you Car Talk fans), where we rented a car and immediately drove to Cape Cod.

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