Monday, December 20, 2010

Editorial change

So welcome back, friends!  Fortune smiles warmly upon us by allowing Penny and me to travel the way we do, and we are truly glad that you can share these memories too.  Welcome aboard!

One of the strengths of our long-lasting marriage has been the division of labor with each spouse doing what s/he does better.  We are now in Santiago, Chile, just before Christmas.  Our last post was leaving Dennisport, MA in October.  So, as of now, Bruce is in charge of keeping up the blog.  He does precious little else, but this thing he can do.

I have three friends that have MFA degrees.  Each one has told me that we should write a book about our travels.  I don't know about that, but I will bring this up to date over the next few days, and then make periodic postings on a regular basis.  I promise.  Really.  When we went around the world for four months in 2008, I kept a journal all the way through.  Now it is on pdf files with illustrations and maybe I will put that here too.

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