Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Williamsburg and Virginia Beach

On Sunday, October 24, we had a nice brunch with David and Louis, and that afternoon flew from JFK down to Baltimore.  The airport formerly known as Friendship, now called BWI.  We got our rental car and made our way south.  We had made a reservation at the Best Western in La Plata, Maryland, and that was quite comfortable.  We then continued toward Williamsburg the next morning, staying off of I-95.

A friend had recommended a nice restaurant in Williamsburg, but it was mostly outdoor seating and the heavens were about to open up.  So we passed it up and drove around until we found a nice Italian place where we could eat indoors.

Colonial Williamsburg was a mixed bag.  I have long been a student of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and so I had long been looking to going there.  There was an American Revolution period reenactment taking place on the streets, and that was very interesting.  The homes and shops that were open were also fascinating.  There was a very educational part dealing with slaves and their lives on tobacco plantations.

The down side of Colonial Williamsburg was that so much of it was closed due to lack of staffing.  The tickets are expensive.  Paying full price for less than full access made for an experience that was not as satisfactory as it ought to have been.

We have no pictures from Williamsburg because of the rain.   Oh well.

We went on to Virginia Beach, where we spent a fun couple of days with Mark and Martha Nesselrode.  They learned Bananagrams from us and soon had their own set of tiles!

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