Monday, July 18, 2011

Baseball Withdrawal

One thing that I have sorely missed on this walkabout is baseball.  I mentioned this some months ago, and also that I missed maple syrup.  No baseball in South America, except for scores on the satellite television news.  And no maple syrup, at least that I ever found in a Jumbo, Santa Isabel, or Disco supermarket.  In Ireland there was no baseball either, but the Supervalu supermarket did carry maple syrup.  The Carrefour market a few blocks away here in Paris also does carry maple syrup.  Okay, halfway there!

But what to do about baseball?  I asked Google!  It located The Moose, a Canadian expat sports bar near Metro Odeon.  Their web site lists the sports events that they plan to have on their television screens each day.  Mostly soccer.  But there was a Yankees-Rays game on Saturday at 6 pm.  So the three of us all headed over there.  Women's World Cup soccer attracted most of the attention, but we prevailed upon the bartender to turn on the baseball.  We saw Derek Jeter hit his 3000th hit.  I had predicted a home run and there it was!  Darn it!  I don't like the Yankees at all, but Jeter does deserve credit as one of the all time greatest shortstops ever to play the game.

The Moose had a burger menu, and the ones brought out to some other customers looked quite good.  They also had many different versions of poutine.  Penny had been in Prince Edward's Island and said they claimed to have invented it.  The Moose guy thought it came from Quebec.  It sounded just like Peruvians and Chileans each claiming to have invented pisco sour.  As for poutine, I am putting my two bits on the Saskatchewan claim.

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  1. Bruce, I would add that when Jeeter whacked the 3000th hit it was the bottom of the 3d on a 3/2 count and the 8th pitch when he hit it out of the park just like you predicted. And there was that adorable family we met on the way out who were from San Diego. What a small world. What fun. And, I don't like the Yankees either but I love being a part of baseball history and 3000 hits is cool even for a Yankee.