Friday, July 8, 2011

Plan C

Where are we going after we leave Paris before we head to New York?

There was Plan A.  Greece and Turkey.  Transportation costs were so high that we figured we would go there on a trip dedicated to that alone.  So...

There was Plan B.  Visit friends in Frankfurt.  Spend several days in Prague, then rent a car and drive around the Czech countryside.  Repeat the process with Budapest and the Hungarian countryside.  Then to Vienna, Innsbruck, and Zurich, visiting friends in each place.  Back to Paris in time to fly to New York.  After all, we did a lot more gypsy-like travel than that when we went around the world three years ago.  Well...because we are living in different places, we are traveling with considerably more luggage than before.  We each came independently to the realization of how much more difficult it is to travel with more baggage.   So...

Plan C.  Visit friends in Frankfurt.  Get an apartment for one month in Vienna.  Then to Innsbruck, Zurich, and Paris as before.  Then on to New York.

We don't have a Plan D yet, and hopefully we won't need to develop one.

If you are planning to go to visit many places, then travel light.

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