Monday, May 16, 2011


Formerly known as Queenstown, Cobh ("Cove") is a deepwater port.  It used to be a port of call for Trans-Atlantic liners.  Titanic called there before heading west toward New York.  There is a museum about emigration, located in the old railway station.  It was very interesting to visit, and to compare it with Ellis Island and the Pier 21 Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  There are monuments to the famous liners, and memorials for those who perished in the sinkings of Titanic and of Lusitania.

Cobh's waterfront promenade is quite pleasant.

Some pictures from the museum:

Cobh was known as Queenstown after a visit by Queen Victoria.  Queen Elizabeth II is about to visit the Republic of Ireland, and her visit itinerary includes Cork.  We plan to avoid Cork during the royal visit.  One might imagine that some controversies have attached themselves to this visit, and one would be right on target with those imaginations.  Jon and Priscilla told us that in Dublin, they saw the Garda supervising the caulking shut and paint-marking of every manhole around.  The newspapers say that 8000 Garda will be involved in providing security, and that more than 100 armed British plainclothes constables will be present on Irish streets.  Demonstrations protesting Ulster's membership in the United Kingdom have taken place each day.  So the Queen is making quite a splash.  I am not sure why the visit is even taking place.  Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has modified his position to say that perhaps some good will come from it. 
This mailbox has been in use for quite a while.  Note the "VR" on it.  It was probably painted red when it was first established during Queen Victoria's reign.

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  1. I have to add that Queen Elizabeth's visit to the Irish republic was quite a success.