Friday, May 27, 2011

Farewell to Kinsale

Four weeks here have gone by very quickly.  Today is "moving day," and we are gathering our things together to pack up for tomorrow.  We will return to Dublin for two evenings, and then take a train to Belfast.  We will stay overnight there, and then take the ferry to Scotland.  We try to avoid situations where we have to get to a place, change modes of transport, and then leave the same day.  Fewer problems that way.

Our sojourn in Kinsale has been just lovely.  Boland House has been a big part of that.  This comfortable, two-bedroom townhouse is right in the center of town.  The supermarket, pubs and restaurants, the post office, and the fitness center at Actons Hotel are all within walking distance.  There are plenty of B&Bs in the surrounding countryside, and I am sure that they offer very pleasant digs.  But I think their remoteness would be a drawback.  Boland House also has a parking space right in front, and so we had no problem with parking the rental car.

Long Quay Road leads into Kinsale from Cork via Belgooly.

Emmet Place in Kinsale.  Boland Townhouse is the yellow building, second from left.

The outlet of Kinsale Inner Harbor.

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