Sunday, May 1, 2011

West Coast Interlude April 15-29

Penny’s master plan is working.  We just spent two weeks on a West Coast interphase of walkabout.  A couple of trips to the storage unit, an exchange of items, picking up the additional kitchen items such as a cookie sheet, doctors’ appointments, prescription refills to last six months,  pay our taxes, and we are on our way.

We spent a couple of days in Oregon with family, a couple of days in Sacramento with my cousin and his wife, and then to San Francisco where we house-sat for Penny’s cousin and her husband.  We visited Karina and Andreas with their newborn twins, and then Connie and Ketil and their three sons.  Penny was in heaven, with so many little ones around her.  Charlie saw us twice, and he is doing well indeed! 

It felt strange to be living out of a suitcase in our own hometown.   And every minute of the two weeks was full indeed.

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